• What Is Discrimination Or Wrongful Termination? Know The Difference

    A lot of the time, employees who were wrongfully fired don’t know if they were wrongfully terminated, or discriminated. Is it possible to be both?

    In the States, it is clearly stated that every type of discrimination against the employees is prohibited. Also, terminating an employee wrongfully is against the law. 

    In case you were terminated, it is best that you seek legal help. The Wrongful termination attorneys in Los Angeles will help you understand the difference between wrongful termination and discrimination, and see if you were either discriminated at work, or terminated for wrong reasons.


    Understand why you were fired
    Once you are fired, you should be given proper reasons behind your termination. What did your employer state as his reasons? Did he even give you a reason for your termination? Perhaps he offended you in any way?

    Understanding your termination will help you understand your options. 

    • If you were not given any reason behind your termination, you employer may have wrongfully terminated you. In this case, you may have a legal case at hand, and may be eligible to file a lawsuit against wrongful termination.
    • If you were provided with reasons behind your termination, and if those reasons seem discriminatory in any way, you may have a discrimination charge at hand. 

    Either way, you should consult with our attorneys and have them provide you with a free case review. Maybe you missed something or neglected an essential fact. We will help you understand what you are going through, and help you file a legal lawsuit if you have the base for it. 

    Types of discrimination
    There are many different types of workplace discrimination. They are listed below, in no particular order. See if any of them applies to you.


    • Age discrimination
    • Gender discrimination
    • Race discrimination
    • Skin color discrimination
    • Mental or physical disability discrimination
    • Ethnicity discrimination
    • National origin discrimination
    • Religious discrimination
    • Pregnancy or parenthood discrimination
    • Genetic information discrimination
    • Relationship to someone who may be discriminated against

    Were you a victim of any of the above mentioned types of discrimination? If so, speak with Wrongful Termination Attorneys in Los Angeles and schedule your free consultation today. The team of legal professionals will help you build a case, and prepare a lawsuit for you. 

    Reasons behind wrongful termination
    First of all, you need to be 100% sure that you were wrongfully terminated. The best way to find out is to analyze your termination agreement along with reasons for your termination. If you were terminated for being “unproductive”, but you believe that you provided quality work services, you may have to involve an attorney. Give Rager Law a call as soon as you doubt or suspect that you were wrongfully terminated, and we will help you understand your situation.

    Keep in mind that every employer has the right to terminate his employees at any time, and does not need a special reason. Unless you are working under tenure or contract, you are not safe from termination.

    You are still protected against discrimination and wrongful termination, and if you have any reasons to believe that you were a victim, give Rager Law a call without hesitation.

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